Carol Struve

Gifts of the Earth
It is the gratifying experience of collecting, saving and cultivating seeds for my gardens that inspired this work. The planning and planting that bears the wondrous fruits of my labors are the gifts of the earth.

Witnessing the colorful blossoms illuminated by the radiant morning light as they dance about in the gentle breeze is a visual memory that carries me through the day. The intoxicating fragrance of the evening blooms soothes the soul into the night. Hours spent looking, touching, smelling, hearing and watching in awe of nature’s way. Taking in the seasonal changes, from seeds to blossoms to seeds. Each plant bears its’ special identity, each plant becomes part of the larger whole.

The encompassing and lasting sensory impressions of light, shapes, patterns, textures and colors guide me through the process of making each image, that which is a reflection of the collective associations, experiences and memories of tending my gardens.